Raised by Wolves, and why you need to listen to me

As mentioned in my previous post, “How a Canadian became a US healthcare cost expert”, I have seen firsthand the significant medical costs that can be incurred in the US as a result of a sudden and unforeseen emergency. I have personally managed $100 claims and $20 million claims. I’ve been around the block.

I will say this many times, but if you are traveling to the US, YOU NEED TRAVEL INSURANCE. I will say it again, YOU NEED TRAVEL INSURANCE. AND it is absolutely essential that you understand your benefits too.

Which brings me to why (oh why) would I join the hoard of bloggers trying to vie for your attention?

  1. I want to spare good people the stress and hardship of facing the most expensive healthcare in the world.
  2. I want to help good people understand some of the subtleties of insurance.
  3. I want to offer cost-containment travel tips so that you can be prepared in the event of an unforeseen emergency.
  4. I want to help travel insurers contain their US medical costs so they can continue to invest in services for their members.

Disclosure: my clients are travel insurers or their assistance companies. I am not paid to make posts designed to get people to buy travel insurance. Forgive the formality, but my target audience is anyone tied to travel insurance. And my core message is anything related to cost-containment, cost-management, or cost-avoidance strategies that improve the experience for good people who are traveling to the US to have a good time; while, at the same time, reducing costs for their travel insurers.

On the personal side of things, I am a father of 4 and so I know a thing or two about sudden and unforeseen emergencies (“Get that out of your nose!”). I went to Disney with the whole family in December, and you better believe that I had our surroundings mapped out. I knew where I could go to get convenient and low-cost care and stay out of the emergency room (unless of course, I truly had an emergency). I guess what I’m saying is that travel insurance is just part of my life… I look at it differently because I work in it. I am an insider and I want to share my thoughts with you so that you can avoid some dangerous (and expensive) pitfalls.